The Story of the Spoiled Kid

There once was this child. His parents so happy they finally, against all odds, received a child. They were so happy with this gift of a child; they swore they would give him everything he desired. They would tell him every day about how special he was. That he would do great things. That he was destined for greatness. Where all the other kids had to work on the fields after school, he could relax and do what he wanted to do. He was brought up as if he was a king. When he grew older, he learned how easy it was to manipulate people in thinking things they want to believe. He never really worked one day in his life. He then started to tell stories. Not much later some more people dropped their work because they saw that it was so easy for him to just talk and get everything he wanted. “Fuck creating tangible value, just make people believe shit and go with it”, they thought. This little group grew and grew and a little cult arose. But word was spreading of this group of people, letting other people work to survive, only for them to sit back and grow their egos and wealth. This boy who was now a man, never wanted to fit in. He solely believed he was the king amongst peasants and he could make the whole world dance around him. When the word reached the people who worked really hard to have built their empire, only for this spoiled brad to take it down, they became furies. More and more normal, hard working people started to detest this group of profiteers and con man. Just imagine, now a days, a group of people telling everybody how they should live, never really contributing to society themselves. And on the head of this group this bitter spoiled, really smart and manipulative man, who can make people believe he could make you walk without legs or turn grain into gold… who would believe such a man? Why would people stop working to follow such lunacy?


The whole of society became more and more furies with this man and his pathetic little group of sheep. After a democratic meeting the larger part of the society came to a verdict, as spoke the highest judge: “this man has to die and his cult obliterated. Afterwards we shall write down this story, in order for everyone to remember, that you have to work. You have to create value. You have to fit in to society. Everybody is created in the image of God, and no one is fundamentally better than one another. This is a story for all people, and especially parents to remember: love and nourish your child and spouse, but never let them think for once that they can become special without putting in the work. Never let them feel like they are better than everybody else. Never show them only the light, to never show them their shadow. We shall hang this man in public to make an example. Afterwards we’ll burry him in a rotten cave and shut it forever. His legacy is the lesson of the one that could not fit in. Who could not contribute to society, but instead tried to undermine it.” As the judge spoke, so it was done. But the idea never really died. It arose from this grave of sorrow and plagues the world. It is up to the people who can carry the heaviest rock up on the highest hill. The people who work day and night to leave something behind. The people who are grateful every day of what they have. The people who try to fit in and assimilate. The people who have influence but worked to get it. The people with dreams. The people with innovative ideas. The self-made individuals that form the group. The people who learned from history… to not let history repeat itself.

“Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun.”

- Alan Watts

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